DS&A and the Family Business

DS&A provides specialist financial management services Australia wide combining traditional professional banking experience with high level advice in succession planning (the conversation first, followed by the structural change), borrowing, wealth accumulation in a tax advantaged environment, estate planning, capital markets, personal risk insurance & access to taxation advice.

The work we undertake, includes, but is not limited to:

Engage family members and/or business partners in direct discussions on a face to face basis to deliver & execute a succession strategy that meets the objectives of the various generations and/or business partners over the short/medium & long term
Improving & where appropriate, simplifying existing transactional, banking & gearing arrangements
Reducing the cost of doing business with your Bank, participation in &/or leading negotiations in that regard
Review of information management systems, make recommendations & implement
Undertake a Viability analysis of the business, make recommendations & implement
Review of HR policies & strategy, position descriptions, performance management, recruitment policy & strategy, make recommendations & implement
Develop & implement marketing strategy & action plans to underpin sustainable business growth strategy to deliver expected outcomes in terms of annual turnover & profitability & capital value of the business
Undertake the drawing up of shareholder & buy/sell agreements as part of succession strategy
Provide risk solutions against loss of income, death, disability, trauma & critical illness
Build a wealth strategy for generational family members and/or business partners that includes a full range of strategic & comprehensive financial planning & superannuation advice
Provide structured estate planning solutions including management of philanthropic interests as needed

Working with Corporate Australia & Government to develop & secure strategic alliances & positive commercial outcomes for Qld