Droughtproof is focused on providing fast and strong “on the ground” support to small business no matter where that business and family might be, no matter the needs.

Denis joined the banking sector in 1979 and spent time working in country areas being exposed to a wide variety of industries, primary, secondary and tertiary in nature, before moving to the city to progress his career and augment experience gained in the first decade of his banking career.

Over the next twenty years or so, in working with business of all sizes and industries, a very clear picture has been formed, of the challenges that families in business deal with every day. In most instances Mums and Dads are driving their business with little or no external support, hoping that they are on the track, working even harder to make sure they have made a good decision.

Spending most of his time at the pointy end, Denis developed and honed skills in a wide range of areas pertinent to small business including cashflow, profit, tax, business structure, debt management, valuations etc. In later years Denis commenced ANZ’ s Private Bank division for North Queensland adding skills, experience and qualifications in the areas of investment product, structure and strategy, SMSF’s, tax, partnership arrangements, personal insurances, estate planning and so on.

If there was one common theme in working with small business over time it has been and continues to be, succession.

Many business decisions, around expansion for example are made with an eye to the future, however more often than not there has not been a clear path to deliver reliable outcomes for the family and their aspirations along the way.

Using experience accumulated in a wide variety of industries and geographies over time, together with a strong network in alienated industries we are able to pull it all together to develop then fund, a progressive generational succession plan that sees the business remain strong, provide a sound future for the younger generations in the family and a soft landing for the patriarch and the matriarch at a time of their choosing.